So here it is…

The House

…the new house. We have just moved to a small town in South Yorkshire. The house is 1930’s, well looked after but in some serious need of modernising. I have started this for a number of reasons, one is so that I can personally track the progress and ups and downs that will no doubt ensue, secondly, I can never fit enough in to a tweet or facebook post for people that are curious.

The Garden

One of the reasons for the move was the garden. We lived in a lovely detached cottage in a little village overlooking the village green, perfect. The only problem was it was rented. I spent a year reviving the lovely garden and realised how important gardening was to me. Back in January I was thinking about the approaching big 30 and thought how lovely it would be to have a greenhouse for my birthday, this raised a number of questions such as where could I put it and could it live where the shed was, but this was not my shed. This would not be an issue if we owned the property and this got us thinking maybe this is the year to find our own house and that we did.

We looked at many houses, most of the ones we saw had the smallest gardens, I stared to think I would just have to get creative with pots an containers but then we saw this one. It felt homely despite being empty for a long time. I looked at the garden from upstairs and was musing aloud as to where my greenhouse could go when the estate agent informed me to my delight that there was a greenhouse, what I had not realised was that the garden is actually twice the width that it actually looks, it was just hidden by the huge holly bush. We put an offer in that morning.


About heathermcqueen

I love learning and creating. Sharing my experiences with you I hope to learn more and inspire others. I am madly in love with everything, determined to find the positive in everything. I can usually be found sewing, gardening, sometimes baking whilst listening to an eclectic mix of music when I am not pandering to the whims of a toddler, working full time and studying for a degree.
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8 Responses to So here it is…

  1. patientgardener says:

    Hello and welcome to garden blogging. Huge potential for that garden you must be very excited and to get a garden with a greenhouse already there – I am very jealous. Took me 4 moves beforee I got a greenhouse.

    Can I just say that you might want to change the date the house is from!!!!

    Also check out – loads of gardening blogs and you can register yours and you will get more traffic


    • Thanks Helen, I am now a Blotanist, just awaiting their approval but got ever so distracted with everyone else’s blogs on there.
      I am very excited, we have only been here 2 weeks now but already we have achieved so much which I will share in the coming posts. I am delighted with the greenhouse, it is now gleaming in the sunshine, I never ever imagined I would have one.
      You were right to notice the house was not built in 1030, it is a little more than a mud hut πŸ˜€

  2. Diane says:

    Congratulations on your wonderful new home. You’ll have so much fun doing the garden up just the way you want to. We bought our ‘dream home’ in the country going-on four years ago and I’ve loved every minute of gardening.

    Now, someday I will get around to painting the living room….. πŸ˜‰

    Cheers from Canada.

    • Hi Diane, I love your blog, it is so inspiring to see how much you have done since 2008, I am certainly spurred on.
      I love cottage gardens and perennials, I can’t wait to start getting some after photos in my own garden in the next couple of years πŸ™‚

      Ps. I know what you mean about one day getting round to painting the living room :p

  3. Jayne says:

    I can’t wait to see what you do! A new fresh face is what this lovely house needs – you! to make it even more warm and inviting with plants.

  4. Welcome to your new home and garden, you are going to have such fun getting it just as you want it. Take your time and enjoy!!!

  5. Greggo says:

    you could probably put a bowling lane in that back yard, its so straight . lol. looks like you found what you need.

  6. Thank you all so much for your kind words and comments, I look forward to keeping you all up to date with the going on’s and the happenings in the garden.

    As for taking my time Pauline I am just not that patient I am afraid πŸ™‚ We have done so much in the last 3 weeks that we have been in the house but I don’t want to bombard you with it all at once, I will of course enjoy every moment of it.

    Until now Greggo I hadn’t had a bowling alley in mind but now you have planted the seed you never know what may happen πŸ˜‰

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