The abandoned Garden.. That is how mine feels.

Well I will not lie to you, I wouldn’t dream of it, these last few weeks have not been all about the garden, and I have to say looking at my garden at the moment you can certainly tell. At present it has a slight look of neglect about it, weeds are doing their best to start a new life in amongst my plants, the grass is looking sorry for itself and the dog has managed to leave a trail of rubbish and destruction where ever she has been.  Whilst this will mostly be all about the garden there will be times when other parts of life will spill over into this blog  and it can’t hurt can it, after all gardens reflect their owners don’t they?

I wanted this post to be about flowers, wedding flowers! I became Mrs P two weeks ago today and I wanted to share the amazing flowers that helped create a magical english garden feel to the day but you are going to have to wait a week until I have the photos. That could be an advance warning to those of you who really are not interested in wedding flowers to miss next weeks post 🙂


The garden has carried on without me though. This Digitalis was one of the few to survive the batterings from the wind and the dog. I absolutely love these, I brought them with me from the last house. We only had one in the garden last year which was such a colourful surprise, I was delighted. This year before I left I spread the new plants from the seeds around the old garden and brought some of the stronger looking specimens with us.

When we moved here almost 2 months ago now I brought a number of plants with me.  This is something I wasn’t sure about doing, when you plant something in a garden does it then belong to the garden or to you, are you not stripping away life from it that someone else could have enjoyed? I sound like I stripped the last garden bare don’t I but I promise you I didn’t, I just bought a few with me that meant something, I don’t think I left a great big gaping whole anywhere 🙂

The new garden just had a great expanse of lawn, no borders, no plants and this was just too much for me to bare for a whole year whilst I decided what to do and monitored the conditions etc, I am not a patient gardener at all although I am changing slightly I think.  I set to work digging a new bed, I knew I want large beds in the garden and I knew I wanted one down towards the bottom of the garden as this is where I eventually want a summer house and my new plants needed somewhere to live temporarily.

The First flower bed

The small conifer I moved from a bath I found under a lot of ivy in the garden, this immediately gave the bed height and a certain look of majority, I had two azalea japonica plants, one bright pink and one red, and a Rhododendron September song to home. I also added a container of chives to fill the gap in the middle for now.

The flower bed

The very lovely Callistemon Citrinus Splendens (the spiky red thing) was a present from my other half when we were out shopping for DIY goods for the house, he knows just to take me to the garden section to revive me from the endless aisles of tools, wood, paint, pipes…., he is ever so good 🙂  I have potted this in a container  for now having read they are happy as container plants and also knowing that it needs to be moved inside when it gets colder, I shall assess it’s future beyond this next year.

The flower bed at present

The photos above were taken last month when the azaleas were in flower as well as the rhodo but here you can see in june it is looking a little tired and slightly neglected. The Callisteman is looking a little battered by the recent winds which also blew down a few foxgloves too.  I have however planted some baby sweetcorn around the edges and some broccoli plats too which will bulk it up a little, also my veg bed is full of onions and leeks and I just haven’t gotten round to sorting out a second.

The Greenhouse in June

The greenhouse did not miss me at all, everything is flourishing in there, the aubergine plant (on the right) is about to flower and the bench is crammed full despite the courgettes now being moved outside. Three cucumber plats are doing very well and have all got a flower on, I have never grown cucumbers before so we shall see how they turn out.  The other day I received six penestemon plants from Thompson and Morgan so these have been potted up and can be seen in the terracotta pots along the front, I am an absolute sucker for all the Gardeners World offers they send me, I am going to end up with a very mis-matched garden at this rate 🙂

The Pepper Plant

One more thing that has grown considerably whilst I have been busy is this pepper plant. My brother in law delivered it as a reasonably small plant a few weeks back and now it has these huge peppers growing which will be black when ripe, exciting.

You can tell I have been away for a few weeks, if you have stayed with me up to now then thank you very muchly, you are very patient 🙂

I will be back with wedding flowers pics next week, you have been warned x


About heathermcqueen

I love learning and creating. Sharing my experiences with you I hope to learn more and inspire others. I am madly in love with everything, determined to find the positive in everything. I can usually be found sewing, gardening, sometimes baking whilst listening to an eclectic mix of music when I am not pandering to the whims of a toddler, working full time and studying for a degree.
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4 Responses to The abandoned Garden.. That is how mine feels.

  1. Cathy says:

    Congratulations on your marriage – I for one will look forward eagerly to seeing your wedding photos! – and also on your new garden. Best wishes for a wonderful life and a bountiful garden!

  2. Maureen says:

    I look forward to seeing the wedding flowers- 2 years ago I did the flowers for my friends wedding completely out of my yard and the woods- a challenge but also a lot of fun- my only regret is I did not have the time to take good pictures.

  3. I too am looking forward to seeing the wedding flowers. I am a floral designer, forced into retirement by my husbands (temporary) transfer to Barbados. I miss flower arranging, and I miss my garden, which I am sure will be terribly weedy when I return for a holiday.

  4. Bridget Foy says:

    Congrats on the nuptials! That Pepper plant is huge, mine are only about one third that size. I lost all Callistemon in the severe frosts of last Winter.

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